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    SERRA CHEVROLETPATRIOT EQUITY CREDIT UNION, MARCH MARKETING AGENCY, WYN 106.9, and STAR 107.7 are partnering with the Exchange Club and the Carl Perkins Prevention of Child Abuse for Rusty Mac's Adopt-A-Teen program. 

    As a sponsor of the Rusty Mac Adopt a Teen program, you have the power to help make the holiday wishes of one or more of the teens served by the Exchange Club-Carl Perkins Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse come true. 

    All of this started from Rusty Mac in loving memory of his son in 1997. This year marks the 25th anniversary of this wonderful program!

    In the first year, we had 18 teens. In 2021 we had 550 teens. This year, they have 362 teens on the list to be adopted for Christmas. For $100, you can guarantee one teen feels loved and supported this holiday season.  Won’t you help provide them with the special Christmas they deserve? CLICK HERE to donate online. 

    The wish lists this year included:

    • hair products
    • socks and underwear
    • mechanical pencils
    • blow dryer
    • bookbag /backpack
    • school uniforms
    • Bible study book
    • bike
    • watch
    • art supplies
    • snow boots
    • pajamas and slippers
    • gloves and hats

    All of the dollars raised stay here in West Tennessee to help teens. You can also donate by mailing donations or by calling 668-4000 with your credit card information.

    Donations can be mailed to Carl Perkins Center / 213 Cheyenne Drive, Jackson, TN 38305

    Hope for the Holidays is sponsored by Serra Chevrolet, Patriot Equity Credit Union, and March Marketing Agency.


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